An annual discussion between

schoolchildren of the world  

What is it?

An innovative pedagogical experience
for a unique cultural exchange

Schoolchildren, between 8 and 12 years old, from classes in different regions of France are the initiators of 20 questions which are then asked, in the form of video interview, to children from foreign classes.

For what purpose?

Today's Children, Tomorrow's Leaders

20 Questions to Children's mission is to help open the minds of the youngest among us, to develop their curiosity about the world around them and to make them as aware as possible of "living together".


An experience in 3 key steps,
throughout the school year

Thanks to teaching methods developed by our partner (Éditions Nathan),

Primary school teachers assist their students throughout the experience: 

the writing of questions, the follow-up of the ambassador's trip and the analysis of the answers.

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 From November to December

Elaboration of the year's questionnaire
The 1st sequence is dedicated to the introduction of the project and the elaboration of the questions that the children want to ask to the foreign schoolchildren. The 20 final questions will be selected by us on the basis of all those collected.

From January to April


Ambassador's tour to meet foreign classes
The 2nd sequence is based on the follow-up of the ambassador's journey, carrying the 20 questions formulated by the French schoolchildren. He will visit foreign classes and will propose different types of interaction with the French schoolchildren.


From May to June

Discovering the answers on video
The last sequence is dedicated to the viewing and analysis of the responses filmed by the ambassador during his trip. Teachers will be able to open classroom debates based on the published videos.

Discover the schoolchildren's answers in videos

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