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We are very proud to work with the educational and collaborative network Lea.fr, from Éditions Nathan, to bring a real pedagogical framework to the project.

Lea.fr is a community of more than 117,000 teachers, acting as a catalyser for new educational projects.

For each major part of the 20 Questions to Children experience, you will be able to download an educational worksheet to help you prepare your classroom sessions.

3 good reasons to enroll your class

  • 01/

    Bring a strong cultural dimension to your program

    This project responds to the need to develop children's open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity about cultural diversity.


    In a world with challenges that have become largely globalized, it is thanks to a better knowledge of the "other" that future generations will be better able to move forward together towards global solutions.

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    Take advantage of modern and innovative media

    Throughout the year, explore the concept of cultural exchange through a playful and interactive experience, based on innovative teaching materials.

  • 03/

    Pedagogical material in line with the school program

    The 20 Questions to Children experience is based on a method that enables you to make a relevant connection with key concepts in the Cycle 2 and 3 curriculum (Moral and Civil Education, Geography, Grammar).

On 4 November 2019 began the 1st large-scale edition, focused on the theme of " Europe "

10 questions in the current edition's questionnaire are focusing on schoolchildren's emerging vision of what Europe represents.
Key figures for the current edition 


Participating classes

Including 20 European classes and 105 French classes


Classes interviewed

The 20 European classes and 10 selected French classes


Interviews collected at the end of the school year

presented in the form of short, dynamic videos at the end of the experience


European countries involved

Everywhere in the continent

Testimony (in French for now...)

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