We are much more human than we think

20 Questions to Children experience is proposed by the association 20 Questions to the World. 

This association is driven by the desire to contribute to a sense of belonging to a global community. In a world where the issues are increasingly globalized, it is our ability to understand each other that will enable us to move together towards global solutions. 

Since 2016, we have been asking the same 20 open questions to all citizens of the world, without social and geographical distinctions, in the form of a video interview. From the Mongolian nomad to the New York trader through the Ethiopian student, the answers fascinate by their diversity and very often, their similarity. The result is a fresh and inspiring video content that tends to remind us irremediably that we are much more human than we think. 

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20 questions and discover the many projects we are working on.

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Project Leader

Based on the initial concept of the association, Antoine de Fouchécour launched in 2018 the experiment 20 Questions to Children for schoolchildren, in order to develop a new type of cultural exchange for primary school classes. 

Passionate about travel, he is driven by the desire to communicate to children the richness of the cultural diversities he was lucky enough to encounter during his many travel experiences.

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They talk about 20 Questions to Children

On October 17th, we were invited on Europe 1 in Raphaëlle Duchemin's show, "La France bouge Academy". It was an opportunity to present the concept of the experiment and invite teachers to join the experiment. The aim is also to give visibility to the future responses of schoolchildren! 

La France bouge Academie 17/10/19
00:00 / 15:50